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Genuine Heating and Cooling Is Neptune's Professional HVAC Contractor

Neptune, NJ

No HVAC contractor offers the most reliable and complete options as Genuine Heating and Cooling, and we are honored to bring these services to Neptune. Comfort and safety are as important to our team as they are to you, so when it comes time to call upon a reliable HVAC contractor, look no further than Genuine Heating and Cooling.

Our company was built on two decades of experience combined with a wealth of knowledge and experience in HVAC systems. Our certified staff members understand the nuances of furnaces, heaters, AC units, heat pumps, and solar energy.

No HVAC contractor in the Neptune area can make the claims we can. That's why more homeowners and business owners turn to Genuine Heating and Cooling than any other HVAC contractor when the need arises.

Neptune Property Owners Rely On A Reputable HVAC Contractor

Heating and cooling equipment are subject to normal wear and tear throughout the year, and with the temperature extremes near the Jersey Shore, it is increasingly important to keep all the moving parts lubricated, air filters clean, and electrical components safe.

Genuine Heating and Cooling is the HVAC contractor that offers a full menu of services and makes good on our promise of 100% customer satisfaction. Our licensed technicians will quickly secure high-quality replacement parts if your heater requires repairs. In many cases, we already have the parts available in our service vehicles, so we can diagnose and repair the problem all in one service visit.

Our Genuine Heating and Cooling professionals believe the keys to keeping your new furnace running for years to come are a combination of expert heating repairs, regular heating tune ups, and a high-quality installation from the start.

Heating Repairs Provide Comfort In Neptune

The last thing anyone wants is to turn on their HVAC system only to have it malfunction. And the last thing Genuine Heating and Cooling wants is for you, your family, or your clients to suffer needlessly while you wait for the HVAC contractor to come through.

When you call, we'll ask you to answer some basic questions to help us assess the problem. Typically, we want to know if:

  • There is an abnormal noise coming from the motor
  • A strange smell is present
  • The heater is blowing cool air (or the AC isn't producing cool air)
  • The thermostat doesn't seem to turn the system on

Once we have some answers, we will come to you and get straight to work to restore your heat and comfort. That's our promise to you!

About Neptune

Neptune, New Jersey, is a diverse township offering a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational amenities. The town's proximity to the Jersey Shore adds a coastal charm, making it an attractive place to live.

Living here means you need a trustworthy HVAC contractor to keep your heating and cooling system running smoothly and efficiently -- year-round. Genuine Heating and Cooling provides Neptune with this option, and we're standing by at 732-546-3600 to take care of all your heating and cooling needs.

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