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Trusted Heating Repairs When Your Toms River Home Needs Them Most

Heating Repairs

Sometimes a part breaks down or a fuse blows, resulting in the unfortunate and often untimely shut-down of your heating system. Should this happen and heating repairs are required for your Toms River home, know that Genuine Heating and Cooling is ready to step in and correct the issue.

Homeowners want to be able to someone they can trust, and Genuine Heating and Cooling is the number one HVAC contractor for Toms River specializing in heater repairs and other heat system services. No one offers a more complete listing of options when it comes to heating replacement, repairs, or maintenance.

But before you call us to work on your system, we recommend you inspect your system for the following:

  • Dust build-up around heater and furnace vents
  • Insect or bird nests inside the air intake and exhaust openings
  • Any obstructions preventing airflow in and out of the furnace itself
  • Abnormal sounds, smells, or leaks

If all these checks out, but the heater isn't warming your home or business, then it's time to bring in a professional HVAC contractor to perform diagnostic tests to pinpoint the problem. Since Genuine Heating and Cooling specializes in heater repairs in Toms River, you can rest assured we'll get to the bottom of the problem promptly.

Repairing Heating Systems

Older furnaces, which often reside in older homes, can "pop a fuse." Before you attempt to replace the fuse, we suggest calling us if not scheduling a visit. You might need to reset the breaker for your heater, and if a fuse did pop, this could be a sign of another problem.

Heaters are similar to other HVAC systems or heat pumps in that it's essential the wiring and electrical loads are within prescribed codes and manufacturer recommendations. So before Genuine Heating and Cooling performs any heating repairs, we test these and other important elements like the thermostat, pilot light assembly, and fan switch.

Complete Assessment Before Starting Repairs

Before conducting heating repairs at your Toms River home, our technicians will assess every aspect of your heating system, and part of this process involves evaluating the following:

  • Vent flow levels (temperature and amount)
  • Automatic turn-on and shut-off mechanisms
  • The overall sound of the system while running
  • Persistent and/or unusual odor

Frequently Asked Heating Repair Questions

While a full replacement and re-install seems daunting, in the long run, it might just be the best option, especially if your current system is older and inefficient. Genuine Heating and Cooling's experts are happy to assist with this decision.

A grinding noise when your furnace activates is not a good sign, but it doesn't automatically mean your furnace needs to be replaced either. Likely there's an issue with the motor or blower system, which can be repaired.

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