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Keep Your Toms River Heating Equipment Going Strong With Furnace Repairs

Furnace Repairs

Furnace repairs are inevitable, especially if yours has surpassed the industry standard of 15 years. When the time comes for furnace repairs in Howell, homeowners and business owners should turn to Genuine Heating and Cooling.

Furnace systems are built well and will usually last 15 years or more with proper care and regular maintenance. However, even a well-cared-for system will begin to need more diligent maintenance and repair as it enters the last quarter of its life, and that's when you need to call on the best HVAC contractor for Howell.

Whether you need to repair or replace your furnace, consulting with a reputable, well-established company like Genuine Heating and Cooling is critical. From furnace repairs and boiler repairs to heat pump repairs and everything in between, your Howell property deserves the top-notch treatment that comes with signing on with an HVAC contractor like Genuine Heating and Cooling.

If you start to see a difference in your energy bills that indicates the furnace isn't working efficiently anymore, it's time to call Genuine Heating and Cooling -- Howell's top-rated heating contractor -- to evaluate your system.

Fixing Furnace Problems

When regular maintenance just isn't enough to return your system to its most efficient state, repairs will follow. Genuine Heating and Cooling's technicians will replace furnace parts only when absolutely necessary, and when we do, we use only the most advanced and safe components.

If all possible furnace repairs have been performed and the system still isn't functioning properly, we will perform a complete furnace installation. But worry not-- our team will walk you through the warranty information and required upkeep that will keep this new unit running smoothly for many years to come.

How Do I Know My Furnace Needs To Be Repaired?

One of the most common signs of furnace inefficiency is the reduction in indoor air quality, which could cause those with respiratory ailments to feel the effects. Plus, there may also be odors present that were formerly filtered out.

Before making furnace repairs at your Howell residence or business, our technicians will assess your heating system and part of this process involves evaluating the following:

  • Uneven temperatures exist throughout the house
  • Warm air blows through vents when the system is cycled off
  • Cold air flows instead of heat
  • Loud noises or "musty" smells are present

Frequently Asked Furnace Repairs Questions

You could be experiencing ignition or pilot control issues, resulting in the furnace not starting; dirty or clogged filters, reducing airflow and efficiency, or problems with the blower motor, causing inadequate heat distribution. Call us at 732-546-3600 and we'll come to check it out.

If your system has been properly maintained and had no major repairs, it should continue to run smoothly. The 15-year number is the industry standard, but it does not mean you have to replace your furnace.

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