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What You Need To Know About Space Heaters

What You Need To Know About Space Heaters

Space heaters. Some love 'em. Some hate 'em. They have advantages and disadvantages. But one fact is certain: space heaters are no substitute for a bona fide heating system.

There are so many space heaters on the market; to list them all and their pluses and minuses would read like a short novel. An HVAC contractor like Genuine Heating and Cooling might recommend a heating system that would make a space heater unnecessary. But let's face it, there will always be that someone who needs a quilt and parka year-round. For them, the space heater is a good idea.

Safety should be the single most important consideration when choosing a space heater. While there are plenty of discounts and off-brands that seem like a good idea, they could pose a safety hazard.

Space Heater Do's and Dont's

Consumers should always check the voltage, amperage, plug, and outlet requirements to avoid blowing a fuse. The power cord should NEVER be plugged into a power strip or an extension cord.

Another consideration is the space being heated. Smaller spaces will heat up quickly, even with a smaller fan-driven model, while a larger living room or master bedroom might require a stand-up oscillating model. General tips (from for safe space heater operation also include the following:

  • Keep them out of high foot traffic areas
  • Place heaters on a flat surface
  • Never leave a space heater unattended
  • Allow at least three feet of space from curtains and bedspreads

You Can Never Be Too Safe When It Comes To Space Heaters

Another useful feature is a "tip-over" switch. This mechanism involves a small piece emanating from the bottom of the heater, which, when it is pushed in upon placing the heater on a flat surface, will allow the heater to run. If you pick it up to move it or someone accidentally trips on it, power to the heating coils is immediately cut, and the heater shuts down.

Similarly, automatic shut-off switches will be activated if a heater has been running long enough to grow so hot it becomes a safety hazard. This internal mechanism will activate and shut down the heater.

Heating contractors like Genuine Heating and Cooling are happy to provide advice for any of your heating and cooling needs. They will talk you through literally every aspect of this important consideration. They understand all the aspects of furnace repairs, AC repairs, and heating tune-ups.

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