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AC Repairs To Restore Your Toms River Air Conditioner

AC Repairs

If your air conditioning system is making strange noises or cooling rooms unevenly, then something isn't working correctly. Don't despair - AC repair in Toms River is easy with Genuine Heating and Cooling.

Our top-notch team of professional AC repair technicians has proudly and reputedly served the Toms River area for many years, providing the top-rated heating and cooling service in the region. We are the Toms River air conditioning company to call when your AC needs immediate attention.

While some homeowners and business owners might be embarrassed to call and ask a question, we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. As the premier HVAC contractor for Toms River, we consistently provide honest answers about your system.

What To Look For If Your AC Isn't Operating Correctly

If you're wondering about your current air conditioning unit and whether it's working as efficiently as possible, consider the following red flags that signal there's a problem:

  • Musty smell
  • Uneven cooling in each room
  • Abnormal sounds
  • Warm air instead of cool is blowing

These tell-tale signs of a problem normally are prevented with proper AC tune-ups, another of Genuine Heating and Cooling's specialty areas. However, with constant use and the high demands your AC undergoes in Toms River, more than likely, AC repairs or even AC replacement eventually becomes necessary.

Fixing Air Conditioning Units

It helps our technicians when you can describe exactly what you're experiencing when your air conditioning seems to be malfunctioning. So before you give us a call, we recommend you address the following questions:

  • Is your thermostat turned on and set to the "cool" mode?
  • When was the last time you changed the air filter(s)?
  • Is there something obstructing the compressor?

Being able to answer these questions and act on them if necessary will help restore cool airflow. It will also give our technicians valuable information before we inspect the system.

And if we do discover a problem, such as loose wiring, a burned-out motor, or aging refrigeration fluid, we'll work to fix the problem so you, your family, and your clients can enjoy the comforts a properly working air conditioning system should provide.

At Genuine Heating and Cooling, we won't start a repair job unless you direct us to do so. Our certified technicians will provide you with a fair and timely estimate. And once you give us the go-ahead, you can expect prompt and professional service -- and 100% to your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked AC Repairs Questions

Aging HVAC systems often aren't worth the amount of effort, time, and money that must be invested in keeping them running. But new installations can be expensive. That's why it's best to seek one or more professional assessments of your system.

Some manufacturers will only honor warranties if a qualified HVAC technician performs regular maintenance. Genuine Heating and Cooling has the properly trained and certified personnel to complete this all-important task.

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